Friday, May 25, 2007

Meme Madness

Ok, I've warned you so quick get out while you can because this is likely more than you'll ever want to know about the magnificence that is Worker Mommy.

I've been tagged for 3 Memes, so here goes;

Lene tagged me for the 10 Things that make me happy meme

1)My family (immediate and extended they are all extraordinary people of which I am pleased to be related to, at least most of the time anyway)
2)The sound of my kids laughter
3)That I got to have 28 wonderful years with an incredible father
4)Good friends
5)My husband's sense of humour
7)Clothes and shoe shopping (hell, who am I kidding I like any kind of shopping except that of the grocery variety)
8)Kendall Jackson Chardonnay ( I know I'm a freak I prefer white over red)
9)My health/being healthy
10)Listening to good music and reading a good book

Tagged again by Cherann
for the 5 Blogs I read but have never linked to...

Ooh shoot, I guess that will have to wait. The kids are awake and they do not love it when mommy is on the computer, plus I really should be getting ready to head over to my mom's house as its her weekly treatment today.

To be continued, my lovelies!


whiskeymarie said...

I prefer white in the summer, red in the winter. It's o.k. to like white wines. It's o.k. to LOVE white wines.
I too am grateful for my health every day, considering the way I abuse my body sometimes.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Okay, this is kind of sad....but I just made myself laugh.....bear with me! My original first sentence was going to be:
"I'm a white gal!" Then, my mastery of the obvious amused me (even though I was referring to the wine) PS: Reisling is my favorite!

OKAY- now that we have that out of the way!

I like learning new things about you!

I saw your comment on Mamma's post about BlogHer. We will need to do a joint letter to our respective husbands next year. I too am about to use my once a year, "Get Out of Jail Free" card! hee-hee

Brillig said...

Oh, SURE!!! LEAVE US HANGING!! You and Butrfly just love to leave your readers in suspense, doncha!

Lene said...

Great list! I am with you on all of those!

I can't be on the computer when the kids are awake either. I try but always fail.

Butrfly4404 said...

You're so cute!

That makes me a little sad. The only time the kids get mad when I'm on the computer is when they want it. :*(

Hope you have a good weekend!

Shauna said...

I like white, too. Red is usually too heavy for me.

Nice cliffhanger... Waiting for part two!

Queen Heather said...

#7...Oh yeah.

I heart summer too until it gets in the triple digits with the heat index , thus making my power bill hit those triple digits too. Until then, we're BFF!

Cherann said...

Red wine is so much easier to drink-- it doesn't have to be chilled.

Plus, when you spill it, it makes fantastic stains on your clothes-- and that, makes for great conversation. A big red stain.

hmmm I get linky love and you didn't even complete the meme!!! Looking forward to reading your list.

Jennifer said...

It's perfectly fine for you to prefer white! I personally am just glad to be enjoying any alcohol at all again!

Hey, thanks for the visits to my blog...sorry it took an eternity to come visit yours!

~Jennifer said...

I'm a white wine kinda gal too. :-)

I noticed the pink ribbon in your sidebar. I'll have to do a little reading up on your blog (It's my first visit) to see if there's a story there. I'm walking in the Breast Cancer 3-Day this year in Seattle, so I've been very interested in those stories lately.

Worker Mommy said...

Jennifer - I put a comment on your blog but though I would answer here as well for others that might be interested.
Yes, the ribbon is in support of my mother. She was diagnosed in late October and will finish her last round of chemotherapy June 8. She is amazing and is a true survivor !

That's great that you're doing the walk. I am as well!

~Jennifer said...

Oh, how cool! Maybe we'll see each other walking. I hope your mom is well now. When I'm walking I like to say a prayer for the people I know (or have been asked to keep in mind) that have had or continue to fight breast cancer. I'll add your mom to my list!