Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dammit, I've been Tagged

So I was unable to hide, shit ... I mean cool.

I've been tagged by Sugar Kane for a game of "Chinese Freeze Tag" (why in the hell is it called that?). Here's how it goes:

I'll write 10 (hopefully) interesting facts about me and/or habits of mine.- I'll tag 10 people.- If you've been tagged, you do your own list and tag 10 more people. ("No tag backs.")

1)I am a twin and I gave birth to twins

2)I'm really kinda short (5'1 and maybe 3/4) sometimes I get mistaken for a teenager (but only when the person is like 90 and has cataracts or something). In fact a couple of years ago I was actually carded in Blockbuster while trying to rent an R movie.

3)I'm left handed

4)I was put on strict bed rest during my pregnancy. I actually lived in the hospital for two months

5)My family is a veritable rainbow. I'm African American. Hubby is Caucasian. The twins are 1/2 African American 1/2 Caucasian . My stepdaughters are 1/2 Mexican , 1/2 Caucasian.

6)I absolutely dig hip hop music. For a long time my career aspiration was to be a dancer in a hip hop video (not one of the hoochies but one of the cool, bad ass hip hop dancers)

7)I named my grade school lunchroom mascot and " The TJ Lunch Bug" ( I was only 7 or 8, whaddya expect ?) still carries that name to this day.

8)I love a lot of the super cheesy television shows from the 80's/early 90's because it reminds me of my youth - in fact I just watched "Beverly Hills,90210" the other day and got all caught up in Donna and Kelly's drama. (I know I'm a freak)

9)I will turn 40 on 12/12/12 (so send me lots and I mean lots and lots of gifts)

10)If I was guaranteed financial stability I would absolutely have one more kid

Shoot, now I have to tag 10 people. I don't think I have 10 to tag. Am I a cheater if I say a general "you're tagged" and assume that 10 people will respond ? I mean I'm just learning about all these cool bloggy people now.
Besides I do have a job to do so leave me alone (because we all know that the job comes first and I would never, ever,ever take valuable work time to blog)


Sugar Kane said...

Donna Martin graduates!

Yea for rainbow families! We're one too.

Worker Mommy said...

Rainbow families rock , don't they!

Shauna said...

Sugar Kane took my comment. Donna Martin graduates!

It'll be neat to see if your kids have twins, too! Or if your twin has twins. Cool!

And I wondered the same thing too - why is it called Chinese Freeze Tag?

you da mom! said...

i just got tagged on this one too! glad to know there are other 90210 freaks out there. i can't get enuf! the second season just came out and i already added it to my blockbuster queue. i think it's a sickness.