Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've been Threatening for Some Time... *Warning not for those easily repulsed

So let me first say that I absolutely, love , love ,love hubby. He's incredibly funny and sensitive and is an amazing father. Doesn't hurt that he's kinda hot too and has beautiful blue eyes that you could just get lost in but ...

Hubby has a little gas problem shall we say.

Sure its a normal bodily function and everyone does it once in a while but I think my hubby considers it an art form.

Its almost like he can fart on command and control the duration too. He seems to think the particularly long ones are funny.

Sometimes as he's in front of me on the stairs he'll let one rip so I get the distinct pleasure of having to walk through the lingering aroma. *Gag*

But wait it gets better:

I think my personal fave is when he uses them as punctuation. Kind of like a "so there!" or a "and thats that".

Or maybe the time when he was buckling J in her car seat just before heading off to his own car to go to work and he said "Here's a kiss (then he kissed her) a hug (and then he hugged her) and a "toot" (well you can guess what he did then).

J thought it was funny. I, of course am thinking nice manners , hubby, way to teach our four year old .

Why am I posting this you ask ? Because this is war! It has to stop. I've been threatening hubby for the longest time that if he continues I'm going to blog about it and I might even post his picture and his real name!

"Go ahead" he says, "People know its a natural thing and probably wouldn't make as big of a deal out of it as you do."

I think he's calling me prude and thems fightin' words!

So this post is for you, hubby, and your flair for flatulence! Pick another hobby, take it outside, stock up on Beano... something!

Yes, ladies, I know, its hot isn't it ? Try to restrain yourselves ,please, because I know you want him now don't you?


Brillig said...

Hahahaha. Poor man. The mommy blogger world is up in arms!!! Maybe spike his drinks with beano or something. If he can't control his power, then the power must be taken away...

Lene said...

What is it with men and gas? I so do not understand.

My DH would kill me if he knew I posted this on the internet, but what the

When he farts - he leans to the side as if to lift his butt cheek up to release it. It is very odd! lol

Maybe someone can explain the fascination!

Anonymous said...

MY dad!!! The same thing up the stairs...He's a novice...he should meet my DAD!!!!!

Dad likes to do it in department stores for strangers to walk through...Yum.

Worker Mommy said...

Hubby just called me and I said "I did it, I posted about you"
So I read it to him and he actually got quite a kick out of it (uh after I reassured him I didn't post his picture).

No comment on the taking it outside or beano or anything like that though *sigh*

Good call Brillig, and Lene I'm LMAO about your DH !

Janet aka Wondermom - I just laughed out loud (my co-workers must think I'm a nut). Yeah we'll need to get those two together.

Shauna said...

It must be biological because Nicholas is fascinated by passing gas. He loves to do it in the tub. Yes, the gas humor starts at an early age!

cathouse teri said...

Trust me... ain't no way to stop those fellas from that habit, ESPECIALLY if they have an audience!

btw, my word verification word is:


(let's see if I do it right)

Butrfly4404 said...

Hmmm...I can relate. Except, he *tries* not to do it around me. :)

I'm not, um, comfortable with that kind of stuff.

Butrfly4404 said...


Cherann said...

I think it's kinda funny. My husband does what Lene's husband does. He lifts up a butt cheek and then fart...sadly, I've caught myself doing the same thing.

I think as you get old and gray with your soulmate, you become one and start doing the same things, having the same thoughts, etc...

So watch out worker mommy-- next thing you know, you'll be punctuating your sentences with a little gas!

Worker Mommy said...

Ok, Cherann...thats just hilarious.

Ummm...but the day I punctate sentences with a fart , please, please, somebody slap me !

monkeygirl said...

That's hilarious!!! Sorry to say, but I doubt seriously you're ever going to be able to stop him! It's a man thing!