Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Why I do what I do

Today is one of those days I'd like to tell everyone in my workplace to go to Hell. Employees are whiny and the paperwork is piling up which I despise because then I don't have time to blog I can't complete all the tasks I need to.

I often wonder why I put up with this crap.

Good lord, its almost like I have to mother some of these employees and they are not nearly as cool as my own kids.

Aah my own kids. They are growing and maturing and turning into these wonderfully amazing little people.

The twins are just 10 days shy of four and are just the funniest, brightest,most articulate children.

Take for example our drive home yesterday :

As we passed a park in which a bird was sitting

B: Mommy I want you to stop the car so I can go get that bird
Me: No, honey , I can't stop the car besides what would you do with that bird if you were to "get" him ?
B:Put him in a cage
J: No, that might hurt him and if he gets hurt he'll have to go to the vet , vet- veterinarian

I was quite impressed by my daughters knowledge.

And as the kids begin to talk about the bird and make each other laugh about different things I heard J say. "Oh B you're so funny, you fill me with suprises".

I had to laugh because when you hear that kind of thing come from a four year old what else can you do ?

Later,as we passed a Dennys Restaurant B said "There's Dennys."

I was suprised that he knew what it was as its not somewhere we go much at all .
I asked how he knew that.
"I just know, Mommy" he said

" You're not able to read yet," I said good naturedly teasing him "How do you know?"

"Yes, I can" and then he paused " "No, I'm just kidding mommy. I'm making a joke"

I was quite impressed by his wit and the fact that he knew he was being witty.

My children amaze me daily and as for all the moments that they've tested my patience what can I say? I am truly blessed because the moments spent soaking in their innocence ,their wit and their pure love outweigh all of that by far.

I guess I now know why I put up with the crap here at work.

Because my children deserve nothing less than the universe and I'm going to give it to them. So if I have to take a little crap every now and then to be able to help provide for my family dammit thats what I'll do.


Sugar Kane said...

What a sweet post. Of course in my version I would have ran the bird over.

Ok, if I'm reading this correctly the twins were born May 11th? That's my son's birthday too!

Lene said...

My DH complains about the people that work with him all the time. No one can get their shit together.

Very sweet story about your kidos! They are so smart!

Butrfly4404 said...

That was very sweet.

I just love when they surprise you with that kind of stuff. One time, the kids were playing, but they were "too quiet" (you know what I'm talking about.) So I sneaked downstairs to find NB reading Sunshine a story. I almost cried.

The sign thing, my little brother is actually adopted kinda by mom mom (he was her second husbands kid with another woman) and at two, he couldn't walk or talk (Cerebal palsey and FAS) for most things, but in the car, he'd be like, "BUGGER KIN!" "Micdownals!" pointing out all the fast food places.

Lots of birthdays in this chunk, huh? Sugar Kane's is, I think, two days after mine, too.

Worker Mommy said...

Sugar Kane, I did really run over that bird. It just didn't fit in with the story. Just kidding. Yep all of our kiddos were born on May 11. When are you and Magoo coming over to party ?

Lene- I swear these people here frequently can't get their shit together. I gotta think about the kiddos frequently to remind me that not everybody sucks!

Butrfly - I think it is a fast food sign kind of thing. Man, you'd think I only feed my kids fast food with the way they recognize certain signs.

Brillig said...

Your kids sound SO smart and SO cool! I want my kids to come over and play...

Worker Mommy said...

Brillig- Our door is wide open! :)

Sugar Kane said...

The twins, Magoo, and Brillig's 4 would definitely be a party!

kristi said...

Sometimes I have to take crap on my job too but it is all to provide for my family. I work with women who are in their 40s and 50s but they act 5!!