Friday, March 30, 2007


As the weekend approaches, I can't help but think one thing:

I need a date.

I'm just putting it all out there. I mean its been a long time since Hubby and I went on a traditional date.

I mean sure we go out on special occasions but other than that our date night consists of laying around on the couch and watching movies and eating take-out together.

I mean where's the romance when you're in your sweats ? And how can you have true ambience when you know at any minute a child might come downstairs and interrupt so you have the remote in hand to quickly hit pause and shield their young eyes and ears from whatever violent action flick hubby chose to rent that night ?

In the early years when the twins were babies I didn't mind not going out. In fact, hubby wanted to get out more but I was afraid to leave them.

Now, here we are many years later and I'm more than ready but the dates have all but stopped. Unless I plan them. What is that about?

Must I do everything ?

Here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking a strike is in order. I'm thinking I might just picket him in my very own living room.

Yeah, I can just see it now.

"Worst hubby in the state...He won't take me on a date" I'd chant over and over until he was forced to cave.

But then he'd be pissed. He'd only give in to keep me quiet and not because he really wanted to take me out.

Right ... and then it might be a night of McDonalds and cow tipping.

On second thought, scratch the picketing.

Yes, definitely scratch that.

Come to think of it rented dvds and take-out sound better and better each second.


Butrfly4404 said...

"Worst hubby in the state...He won't take me on a date"

That is CLASSIC.

I feel your pain. Our last date was here. And...we postponed it so we could take the kids WITH us!! (okay, to be fair, we instead went out for din with the bro and SIL, but that's family dinner, NOT a date!)

Naarski said...

Is it possible that all men think the same when it comes to ending dates as soon as they land a wife and kids?