Wednesday, March 21, 2007


At what post pregnancy point must a woman stop saying "I need to loose baby weight" or "I need to loose these extra lbs I picked up during the pregnancy" ?

When the child is 3 months, 6 months, a year ?

Well I can't answer that,but I can say I'm pretty sure that its not 3 1/2.

I worked really hard to get in great shape pre-pregnancy so that I could give myself the best shot at a healthy pregnancy and not be faced with having to loose the "baby weight" on top of the "I've settled in to a comfortable relationship weight" I already had going on.

So I was looking cute running around in my size 6 everything (yes I'm bragging...well that and longing). Even while pregnant I only gained about 30lbs which was mostly babies.

I quickly lost the 30lbs while breastfeeding and was looking cute again. Breastfeeding, glorious Breastfeeding !

Keeping up the supply for two babies caused me to be insatiably hungry. So I ate and ate and somehow seemed to burn the calories faster and faster.

But when I discontinued breastfeeding when the twins were 6 months old I failed to alter my eating habits and... well you can guess what happened.

So here I am now in this up and down cycle of gaining and loosing since that time.

This weekend I decided I'd splurge and then start full force on Monday with the healthy eating and exercise because the beginning of the week is always a good time to start fresh, ya know ?

Only , I wasn't going to announce it to anyone.

I would just secretly start and as time went on I'd wait for the compliments to fly as the lbs magically melted away.

Its Tuesday, I'm thinking, and so far, so good - until last night !

On the way home, hubby calls me excited and says:

"Honey, guess what I got?"

"What?" I ask

"The Departed" he says

Well he knows that from the instant I saw the first preview I wanted to see that movie. Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to catch it in the theaters so I was geeked when it came out on DVD but have of course found it hard to obtain in the video stores.

So an excited me says "Cool, I'll be home shortly and we can watch it after the twins go to bed"

"And guess what else ?" he asks , "What ?" I ask. "And chocolate."

Dammit, dammit, dammit , dammit.

I cannot resist chocolate.

I mean uhh, I can't disappoint hubby when he went through so much trouble to plan a nice evening for us.

So dammit all I ate the chocolate and loved it !

Umm yeah...on that whole starting fresh thing - isn't there another Monday coming up soon?

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