Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is this Really Happening - Part 2

I think we're all more confused then ever. The girls mom called Sarah and was told the charges were completely false and were the result of a former friend trying to get back at Sarah for calling and reporting her to CPS. Sarah was adamant that she'd been falsely accused and suggested that we do a background check in hopes that this would convince us she was not guilty of any wrongdoing now or ever.
Which we did and found nothing.

Which brings me to our current dilemma. Should we assume that the charges are false or should we err on the side of caution and assume the charges are true?

Of course our main concern is TomGirl and not putting her safety in jeopardy and not wanting to expose her to adults with such questionable judgement. That being said our thought is to keep her away until the truth comes out.
But in the meantime she loves this job,thinks the world of Sarah and in turn hates all of us (her mom, dad and me).

Talk about a soap opera...

I'd love to hear how you might handle this.


Butrfly4404 said...

Is this an actual charge by the police? Or is it just something you heard? If the police are involved, I might wait to see what they said. If it's just a rumor or something, then I would probably go with Sarah. Your original judgement is usually right about people.

The bg check only means she's never been caught before, though. I know plenty of nasty people who've never been caught.

But, those people were outright nasty. I knew it off the bat.

So, imo, I would probably let her go back if it isn't some huge case. If it is a huge case, let the law decide the truth.

Good luck, wm!

Lollie said...

I'm more inclined to support the falsely accused than the rumoured guilty - until there is solid proof, I wouldn't take her out - but then again, I don't have children.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

ick, what a sticky situation.

here's my two cents:
if there is an actual charge by the police, i think i would keep her out until everything comes out. if not, and this is all just heresay, i think i would let her go. she is fourteen, right? i would be open and honest with her about what is going on. tell her you are worried about her and why. she is old enough to know what to look out for and if you keep the communication open she will be open and honest with you about what is going on at work. she's been really happy working there and you have seen positive effects, right? unless there is an official charge against this woman i personally think she should be allowed to go back.

good luck with everything!

Lene said...

I am with butrfly - it would depend on the police investigation. Yikes...what a mess!