Monday, June 11, 2007

Evading Capture

It is a known fact that yours truly has somewhat of a lead foot.

Something about being on the freeway or other open road (i.e- non residential) just makes me want to ride like the wind (cue cheesy 80's song from Christopher Cross)

I discovered Friday that two of my favorite things - the aforementioned "speeding" and running my mouth really do not mix.

So, I'm driving down the road talking to my mom, elated to be on the way to her last chemo session not realizing that I'm going a little faster than the posted speed limit.
When all of a sudden I notice two motorcycle cops to my left.

Like an idiot, I do that which they tell you never to do and that I've cursed others before for doing, and that was to slam on my brakes.

Well duh, I might as well have gotten out of the car , and danced naked on my hood saying "Stop Me, Stop Me".

Sure enough, I see Poncharello pulling out from his parked position (aka speed trap) and pulling in right behind me. I continue driving knowing it is just a matter of time before he turns on that damn siren and I'll need to pull over.

And then it happens. Going 53 in a 35. Damn, Damn, Damn !

As I attempt to reach over to get my registration I realize my mom's knees are in the way and perched atop her knees is the sheet cake that she'd bought to take to the staff in the Oncology Infusion Center.

"Who's birthday ?" Ponch asks
"No ones " my Mom says " Its for the staff in the Oncology Infusion Center. I have my last chemo treatment today"
(Go Mom!!)
"Oh, are you kicking its butt ?"
"What?" my Mom asks.
"The cancer"
"I'm definitely trying"

He then looks at a frantic me and says "No need to get your registration"

"Is this your daughter?" he goes back to addressing my Mom.
"Well, you'll give her the lecture on why it's not safe to speed right?"
"Yes" my mom agrees.
Then he proceeds to give me the lecture my mom is supposed to give me and says "You're lucky, you just avoided a $183.00 ticket."

I wanted to stick my tongue in his mouth at that moment. (ok, well not really but I was overjoyed)

So I got off with a warning and promised to pay more attention. Tears of relief streamed down my face because all I could think of was NOT having to tell hubby, who already thinks I can't drive, about the ticket and listening to his condescending drivel words of wisdom about how to properly drive.

I narrowly escaped. Whoot - I would not be joining Paris in a 20 day sentence.

And it was the last day of my Mom's chemo to boot- it didn't get better than that.

So I took that $183 that I would have had to pay for the ticket and my Mom and I shopped 'til we dropped (well maybe we dropped more because of the celebratory wine we drank later- or rather I did )


Lollie said...

That. Is. AWESOME!!! I'm going to drive everywhere from now on with a Chemo Cake in my car.

Congrats to Mom BTW! Way to get through it, ring a bell, shout from the roof tops, shop 'til you drop - oh never mind that last one. Apparently you've already scratched that one off your list.

Butrfly4404 said...

Haha. Good for you!

TM got pulled over once doing 85 in a 65. I woke (we carpooled w/the kids then) to him cursing that he was going to get pulled over. I got upset, I think the cop could tell. Let him off with a warning.

I try not to speed now that I'm a Preferred Driver, but I had my days. I got tagged at midnight going 97 - after I hit my brakes (I know! I felt the same way!) on I35, which is max 70. I got really lucky. He had to go to something more important. I would have lost my freakin license!!

Ally said...

Your Mom rocks!

And I just about fell over laughing when you said "Poncherello."

Cherann said...

Yay! what a nice cop.

Anonymous said...

Go You...And GO MOM!!!!

Whoo hoo...yippeee...

Brillig said...

WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! YAY!!!! Wow. I've never met a cop with a heart! And congrats again to your Mom. What a blessed day!

whiskeymarie said...

Lucky, lucky girl.

I passed a cop a few weeks ago going 88 in a 70 zone.


I'm assuming that was my one "get out of jail free" card, so I'm behaving behind the wheel now.

~Jennifer said...

I'm told by cop friends that they would rather see your brake lights come on when you go by than not because "that's why they're there" to keep everyone safe. That's what they SAY, anyway. I think they enjoy their jobs. Ha!

Sounds like a great day, though! Congratulations to your mom.

Worker Mommy said...

HaHa Lollie, Yes you should carry a chemo cake with you everywhere. In fact I think I might too.

Chaos Control said...

This story restores my faith in cops ... there really are some good ones out there!!

Yeah for mom!! That is the best news ever!!!

Shauna said...


moosh in indy. said...

One more reason beating cancer rocks.

Sugar Kane said...

How awesome! Your mom sounds like a gem!

Anonymous said...

you two are awesome! that's funny that you spent 183...what if hubby asks about that? what then.

yerdoingitwrong said...

YAY Ponch! =) Now go catch some of those real offenders!!

And I'm so glad you guys got to shop and celebrate and drink. No two people are more deserving. xoxo.

Worker Mommy said...

Good question Badoozie. I would just lie like hell if hubby caught on.
Naw, he didn't care about the shopping spree. Its the ticket that would have had him on my back.

Lene said...

hahaha SO CLOSE! YEA for your mom saving your arse. ;) I have a DH like yours (well, I've known that since your farting post though!) - he lectures me all the time about my driving. Oh you so would not like it here - do you know what the speed limit is? NOT in residential - the main speed limit - 25 miles per hour! YES 25! So for 2 years, I've driven 25 mph unless I am back stateside. When we move back, you will see me - the lady in the fast lane driving a whopping 50 mph.

Cute story!

Worker Mommy said...

Lene- You're so right. I don't know that I could do 25 everywhere.

But hell, I might be able to adjust just to be able to take in the weather , the scenery the ocean...ahhh!