Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It rhymes with funyuns and is only slightly less classy

The universe is out to get me. Really. I think I was way to all about me back in the day, when I had every fantastic, orgasmic but feet destroying shoe one could ever dream of or want.

Now I'm in my mid thirties late twenties...my feet.aren't.havin.it.

There was this betrayal and now...I may have a . I don't know if I can even bring myself to say it.

A bunion.

I know , I know...I'm as horrified as you are. Especially when I Googled my latest foot pain and this little bit of loveliness is what the internetz retrieved

For the record, that is NOT my foot. I'll go under the knife and be partially immobile for the better part of 6 weeks before I ever let my feet get to some gnarly looking hot mess like that.
I likey de sandals way too much.

So I see the doctor tomorrow for diagnosis and next steps...but I'd like to say to the universe once again, fuckyouverymuch. You're not even remotely funny anymore

Oh the agony of de feet.

P.S....so we don't end on a nasty, she wrote a whole post about feet again note I give you this much more delightful pic. And yes, that is my son, rocking a mohawk. He's in to the whole "rockstar" thing...and who am I to discourage the boys dreams.


Shana Baehr said...

Woot! I love the mohawk! If my husband weren't such a prude, my son would have had one since he was old enough to grow hair!
I feel your foot pain. I'm not getting bunions (nor have I ever had one and, The Universe willing, I never will...)but I am plagued with foot problems. Besides the fact that they are huuuuuge (size 12. hello!) they are flat. As in absolutely no arch. I hates them sooo much.

Elisa said...

Oh my, that foot is scary! Your son, on the other hand, is all kinds of adorable, mohawk and all :-)

Annie said...

SOOOOOOO sosososo glad you're on FB. Now I can check in more often. I'm the suckiest blogger on the planet anymore! FB is quicker and I need quick these days. I posted pics of Noah in the cute lil motorcycle onesie you got him....hehe....he's too much cute. xx. Happy weekend!!

Whiskeymarie said...


Oops- sorry. Thought you said Funyuns.

And that mohawk is all sorts of awesome.

VirtualSprite said...

Ooooohhhhh.... bunions suck. Hope everything goes well with the doc.

The mohawk totally rocks.