Monday, August 3, 2009

If you haven't guessed yet, I'm kinda avoiding the blogosphere and Twitter and every other social media site where people might talk about BlogHer

I could lie and say I haven't had time for the internetz because I've been really busy. But that would only be half true. Sure I'm busy. Why just last week my boss left town for two weeks - which means I'm doing her work and mine, my sister arrived in town which means I'm spending as much time as possible chillaxin with her, I had a wedding to go to and a party to host at my house. So there were things. Lots of things.

But my work requires that I sit in front of a computer the bulk of the day. So...that...would only be an excuse.

Look, if we're being honest here I'm kind of hiding. Except for reading a few posts and maybe commenting here and there I am for all intents and purposes pretending like the blogosphere doesn't exist.


In a word BlogHer. Which shall heretofor be renamed The-conference-that-no-matter-how-intently-I-set-my-mind-to-go-to-I-for-some-reason-or-another-can-never-make-when-the-time-comes.

I just can't bear to read all the wrap-up posts about how such and such party was so fab and how xyz panel was so positively life changing. I really want to cover my eyes and run away screaming from the computer screen when I read stuff like "I met Jane Doe blogger that I've read for years and she was as ridiculously awesome in person as I knew she'd be"

Oh and then there are the pictures. The pictures that clearly illustrate all the fun and fabulousness that I was not able to partake in.

So what am I doing about all that ?

I'm gonna pout. I'm going to fold my arms, poke out my bottom lip and pout. And hide and pretend like all of it didn't happen.

It's good to be mature.


Elisa said...

Aww, don't hide! Instead, pick and choose which posts might help you when you finally make it to BlogHer. Which hopefully will be next year. Because I'm already psyched that it's in NYC, but if you are also coming, I might just start Squeeeing now :-)

Shana Baehr said...

Ohh I hear ya! My buddy went for the second year in a row and...I'm being all immature and green with envy too. I would love to go next year in NYC. But unless a rich relative dies and leaves me a huge inheritance or I win the lotto, there is no way I will be able to swing it financially...
I'm gonna go and pout some more...

Whiskeymarie said...

Oddly enough, it has never crossed my mind to go to Blogher. Hmm. I guess if you decide to go one of these days, I'll make an effort to go too. I think I'd want an ally/partner in crime that I know already.

NATUI said...

I hear ya loud and clear. While I don't a one little post about it, to go on and on is like bragging about a party someone wasn't invited to. I am happy for the people who got to go, but because I wasn't there I just can't relate. I wouldn't sit on a couch and listen for hours to people talk about a vacation they took together, why would I read post after post about it?

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