Monday, August 6, 2007

Warning: Female ranting ahead, you might want to head to the next blog if you're male

Today was the dreaded annual appointment. You know the one. The one in which you fix your eyes on a part of the ceiling while the doctor makes small talk and checks out your lady bits.

Yeah, that one.

And in so much as I dread the appointment I do really like my doctor.
She's brilliant. She was the one that at 17 weeks discovered the problems with my cervix and quickly moved in to action so as to be able to save my pregnancy. She's this tiny little dynamo. I remember how sweet she was as I balled when she told me I'd have to go on 2 months of bedrest in the hospital. This was after being on 2 months of bedrest at home.
So I really just think the sun rises and sets with her as far as doctors go. But that still doesn't mean I feel comfortable with anybody taking a long drawn out look down there and the other delightful things that go along with that exam.
Fortunately,it went quickly and we could move on to more comfortable things. Like preventing a second set of twins or a singleton for that matter.

I've had an aversion to pills with higher hormone dosages because I thought they made me gain weight. But as I've come to realize and verbalized to Dr. B, it really had nothing to do with the pills, I was turning in to fattycakes all on my own .
So what the hell, bring on the pills! And if I'm going back to pills I'm going for the big guns. Yes, Seasonale. I'm stopping that dreaded AF (Aunt Flo) in her tracks. Dr. B thought it would be a great choice, tells me they now have a generic available, that I'm protected on the first day I start taking the pill and sent me off with a prescription.

Well, boyhowdy it just doesn't get any better than that I think as I head off to the pharmacy. 10 minutes later they call my name and I'm all set to pay until the Pharmacist Assistant says "Were you expecting this cost ?" and points to the receipt.

$127.80 it reads.

"$127-motherfuckin'-80 are you kidding me? "(well I really didn't say that but I wanted too)

He explained that it's 3 months worth and insurance just doesn't cover that much of this pill.

Frickity, frack, fuck. What am I gonna do now?

So an embarassed me says I really wasn't prepared for that cost and I'd have to think about it and get back to them.

I mean do I want to be spending $127.80 every 3 months or $511.20 per year simply to see less of AF ?

It is tempting because I really don't care for that be-atch

But hmm ,lets see I could just go on regular pills pay a $15 co pay each month and spend the $300 I'll have saved on clothes,liquor, therapy, liquor, several hundred boxes of chocolate, liquor,downpayment on a hitman for AF, liquor... you know those kinds of things.


Anonymous said...

You've been NAB'D!

Mamma said...

Did someone say liquor?

That's pricey! Insurance doesn't cover it? Yet they cover Viagra!

Don't get me started...

Omaha Mama said...

Have you considered Mirena? I know others who recommend this as well. I did it this last year and love it! It's a one time thing (for FIVE years!) and also pretty much stops AF, aside from a tiny bit of spotting. It's a plastic IUD, it's AWESOME!

Good luck with that - I hate when prescriptions end up costing way more than I planned. Ergh!

Worker Mommy said...

Yep, OM, tried to get Mirena but wasn't a candidate because get this my uterus is too big (darn those twins for streching out my innards).
I also tried the Nuva Ring...two words Hated it!
So I guess its pill city for me.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

wow, that's messed up. i'm on seasonale and i think it costs me $60 or less for three months worth. i don't think the cost they quoted you is worth it, even though you do get to say buh bye to aunt flo for all but 4 weeks of the year...

Lollie said...

Had an ultrasound at the fertility clinic last week - my guy accompanied me into the exam room with the encouragement of the nurse and doctor. Best thing I ever did. He now thinks I'm a superhero for smiling, nodding and carrying on a conversation with the doc while a gargantuan condomed wand was exploring my whoo-ha.

Fourier Analyst said...

Have you figured in all the costs of AF? Not only the additional food & drink, but the "cleaning expenses"? Still seems like a bargain to me, but as I can't make that choice due to "hormonal irregularities", I just keep on...

The bearers of a defective "X" chromosome will never understand what we have to put up with (sigh).

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's very tempting...But I'd buy clothes too. Oh! And shoes.

And condoms...just in case...but that's me.

Cherann said...

I pay $160 for drugs everytime my son's eardrums rupture from an ear infection.

I also paid $50/month for Pre-natel pills.

I think these doctors only want to prescribe my family drugs that there are no generics for.

Did you ask the pharmacist if that was the generic version?

Why don't you just take the regular pill. I hear that the cramps are HORRIBLE when you get your period with that seasonale stuff.

Whiskeymarie said...

And, no, I can't help you here because I re-scheduled my ladyparts appt. because I couldn't decide what BC to switch to.

Chaos Control said...

That's crazy talk, that kind of money!! I'm with you ... save it for the liquor!!

~Jennifer said...

Yeesh! I had no idea the pill was so expensive. You could go to planned parenthood and get 'em for free, and tell them not to tell your mom. lol

Mitch McDad said...

I have one word for you...or for hubby rather--vasectomy. Of course that won't help with AF (gross) but you'll never have to spend a dime on pills again.

Heather said...

money for clothes and booze. no brainer!

Worker Mommy said...

Ha McDad, if I give you my number can you uh place a call to hubby and convince him of it's virtues.

Butrfly4404 said...

I use the ring...what did you hate about it?

My doctor tried to push the three months at a time with the ring, but I didn't do it. I pay $70/three months - that's my standard co-pay for name brands. companies are all f'd up. The insurance my (ahem) fiance has on the kids won't cover NB's ADHD costs, but the state's insurance paid for NB's BMom to go to drug treatment three times and the pysch ward twice. I'm telling you - I tell EVERYONE - be a'll get whatever you want for FREE.

Hope you find something that works for you, hon!

Butrfly4404 said...

Oh, I meant to say about the three month thing that my insurance wouldn't let me do that anyway. Doctors get $$ for recommending name brands - and must get a bonus if they get the patient to use more. Even if they're good doctors. My kid's adhd doctor is always trying to get us to use the Patch. (Yeah, let's put a sticky thing on the kid who can't keep his hands to himself..GOOD IDEA!) He won't recommend any other medication...JUST that one. Makes me want to switch, but I stand my ground instead.

Okay, shutting up now.

Alex Elliot said...

Wow! That's a lot of money, but then you wouldn't have to deal with cramps, etc. I bet if it were something to do with your kids, you'd pay for it. I've found that if it comes to my kids, there's bitching but I'll hand over the plastic with no questions asked. When it's myself, you would think I was being asked to donate a kidney. I tend to over-analyze everything and then decide not to do it because it's too expensive.