Friday, April 13, 2007

My Favorite Sound....Not

There is nothing like that first smile you get from your child or that first hug or that first time they say "I love you , Mommy" to send you soaring on cloud nine.

Truly does it get any better than that?

Oh,their little voices are just so precious and wonderful...until they learn how to whine.

Really, I don't think B & J actually talk much anymore.

"Use your big girl or big boy voice," I find myself saying often. Or "Mommy can't understand you when you whine " hoping desperately that they'll stop before I need a padded cell.

When I woke them up from their nap today it began almost immediately " Mommy, I'm cold" whines J (who just had to change in to her sleeveless nightgown for her nap).
"Mommy, I want something to eat" whines B.

There it was ...whining in stereo. I mean maybe I can handle one whiner at a time but when they both start in I seriously want to run from the house with my hands over my ears screaming!

I try my best to retain my composure and let them know that I'm ready to attend to their needs as soon as they stop whining.

But still groggy from their naps, they just weren't getting it.

Deep breaths I thought. You've handled whiny adults in employee relations issues at work - you can surely handle this. You're a champ, I say giving myself a little pep talk.

Then they start fighting with each other because... well why not. I mean they might as well go full force with the campaign to send mommy to the loony bin.

"B & J please go in your play room and play " I say firmly buying some time before the men in white coats come.

And off they went. Aah, crisis averted I'm thinking.

Until they started to fight over toys and then come out and whine to me about how awful the other one was being.

Exasperated, I sent us all to seperate ends of the house to give us a little time to chill out and regroup.

As I'm sitting here in my little self imposed time out I think that I've found the secret to getting confessions out of accused criminals. No beating necessary. Nah, they are going the wrong route with that tactic.

All they need to do is simply have the police officers and investigators start whining.

Yeah, that would surely do it and I'm just certain B & J could provide guidance on proper techniques.


Brillig said...

Oh, it's an excellent idea! Except, see, non-criminals would confess to absolutely ANYTHING, just to make the whining stop! And then the real criminals would go free and whining-less. Hmmm, that doesn't seem quite right.

But I am so familiar with the sound that you're describing. And I love self-imposed timeouts!

Worker Mommy said...

A-ha , good point! See I think I was so bonkers by this point I couldn't even think logically :)

Butrfly4404 said... I know what you mean!

We often have to set the rule "Don't talk to each other - Don't. Even. LOOK. At each other!"