Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hubby's Brownie Points

When hubby and I met at a club almost 11 years ago we spent the night talking at a table in the corner of the club while our friends came and went. It was great to be able to have such effortless conversation with someone and hubby had a great sense of humor to boot.

Throughout the evening in our cutesy little flirtatious conversation hubby would say things that were impressive to me and while I don't remember what those things were I do recall giving him "brownie points".

We talked until the lights came on and the hardcore partyers were finally filing out. I remember hubby asking me if I wanted to go to breakfast. I decided against breakfast so a slightly dejected but persistent hubby did what I thought was the cutest thing . He asked " If you won't go to breakfast with me then can I trade in my brownie points for your phone number?"

Advance 4 years :

As we planned our wedding the reverend asked us how we met. We of course shared the brownie point story which he then incorporated in to our ceremony.
Our wedding guests "aww'd" in unison as Reverend Dave relayed the story to them. It was then that I knew that the brownie point story would soar to legendary heights.

Advance to present day:

Hubby doesn't do nearly the things that he did during our courtship when he was trying to "woo" me.

But he did do something particularly brownie point worthy last night.

He called me at work yesterday and asked if I'd like to go to a spaghetti dinner. It was a little funny that hubby referred to it as a "spaghetti dinner" and not as "going out to eat" but I just thought ,huh ,the man just really knows what he wants. I can appreciate a craving so , sure, it'll be a fun outting for the fam as we rarely go out during weeknights.

I picked up the twins and headed to hubby's work to scoop him up and head off. As it turns out the spaghetti dinner was at a local school and supported D.A.R.E. The twins got to meet police officers and fireman (which B. just loves) and dance around to a great little steel drum band comprised of 4th graders - and get all their energy out so that they'd be sufficiently tired at bed time.
Not only did we get a great dinner but we were also able to support a good cause and I even got an impromptu neck rub post dinner as we listened to the band.

So, props to hubby for earning brownie points years later when I thought his game was almost gone.


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Awwwww! ;)

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How lovely!