Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lookin' Good

Having taken the day off today I didn't have to get up in the rushed fashion I normally do.

So I took my time getting myself ready and when complete I stood back and admired the finished product. Not half bad I thought...and I might actually even look stylish today.

Just as I finished, B brought his shoes to me to help tie. "Of course, honey" I say still on a little mini-high because I was lookin' cute today and not frumpy as I often do when I have to get up at O ' dark thirty to get ready for work.

So I bent down to help B. tie his shoe . Seconds later J. chimes in with "Mommy, I see your butt" and begins to giggle hysterically.

"I know, honey, Mommy's jeans alway seem to do that when I bend down " I said as I tried to pull my shirt down further than it would realistically go.

I hurriedly returned to tying B's shoes so I could rise from the "offensive" position . But I wasn't quick enough.

"Mommy, I see your butt again" she says


"And it looks funny. B " she says "Come see Mommy's butt"

Queue record scratching sound .

"Ok, Ok, " I said hopping up off the floor and hiking up my lo rider jeans. I thought better of asking J. why my butt was funny. Because as we all know preschoolers are brutally honest.

I headed for the door feeling a little deflated. Nothing like a little preschooler honesty to bring you back to reality.


Butrfly4404 said...

Oh, MY gosh! That had me rolling!

You poor thing! I have to wear lo-rise jeans, too...I just can't wear them high up. Thankfully, when I became "the mommy type" I quit wearing my "eyepatch" (as my male friend put it) thongs...they tended to pop out ALL THE TIME.

I saw a teenage girl at the grocery the other day who bent over to get a case of something and UP POPPED her thong...right in front of her DAD!

My only story about kids seeing my butt is when The Man and I first started dating, he let me sleep in one morning. Ninja Boy and his cousin who were probaby five at the time, went back into the bedroom when TM was making breakfast. I woke up to two squeeling little boys saying "We saw Amy's UNDERWEAR!!!" Pure. Embarassment.

Brillig said...

Haha. They do have a way of deflating us, don't they! My 5 year old recently asked me, in front of a room full of people, if I had another baby in my tummy. "No, sweety. No baby."

"Then why is your tummy so BIG?" everyone in the room turns to see my big ol' gut.


I'm CERTAIN that you still looked FABULOUS though!

Worker Mommy said...

OMG, Funny stuff ,butrfly!

And to you dear brillig - you are my new best friend !