Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Update - It would be longer if I wasn't so lazy.

*tap* *tap* Is this thing on? Anyone out there? I wouldn't blame you if you weren't there. Who wants to continue to keep a blog on their reader that posts once a month at best.

Yeah, I hear ya but cut me some slack ok? I've told you I can't multi task for shit so it's all I can do to manage everything else in my life.


So here's what I've been up to for anyone who cares (and it's in bullet points for your viewing pleasure)

  • Turned in to June Cleaver, well, minus the immaculate house and dinner waiting on the table. But I AM now an official PTA mom coordinating not one but two events for our school. Scary right? And get this I've been so "on it" the PTA President asked me if I wanted to join the board next year. I declined. I figured I'd only subject them to a little of my brand of crazy.

  • Working out like a fiend at boot camp. I know, I know. Or maybe I don't know what's come over me. Especially when I voluntarily get up at 7 a.m. to make an 8:30 stair climbing training event. And it was like 1500 stairs y'all. My calves hated me yesterday and today I'm pretty sure they've downright given me the finger.

  • Celebrated TomGirl, my oldest stepdaughter's, 18th birthday Sunday. Her first act as an adult ? Piercing her tongue. Oh to be 18 and dumb! Ok, I'm totally kidding. I'm pretty sure I wanted to do the exact same thing at that age. I'm tempted to call her and ask her seven hundred questions which forces her to talk and thereby providing comic relief for me. Because ? Have you ever heard someone with a swollen tongue talk?

  • Planning a trip to Cali for the Mr's family reunion and trying to figure out if we can squeeze a trip to Disneyland in while we're there. So if y'all have any tips or tricks about how to do Disneyland on the cheap please let me know.

  • Working , Working, working...waiting to win the lottery so I no longer have to end these update posts with "working,working,working"

Love you.Wantyou.Miss You.

The end.

* Ps - Mars Needs Moms Giveaway on my review blog if you're so inclined and a fitness one coming up later this week. Booyah!

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Virtualsprite said...

Sounds a lot like my life right now, only it's my quads and they're not even bothering with a finger... they're straight up screaming at me to eff off.

I'm sharing your stepchild pain, too. My oldest goes for his drivers license on Monday. And he and my husband think they're going to take my car to the DMV which is in a town two hours away. Ha!