Friday, February 4, 2011

Why Gawd, Why ? (Alternate title could I be any more dramatic)

As I get older, one thing is becoming abundantly clear:I can't multi-task for shit. And this, my friends, makes me sad. I wasn't always this way. I used to pride myself on my ability to do multiple things at once. It was the stock phrase I told all my potential employers.

"Yes, potential employer, I can create that 3 hour presentation while filing,taking phone calls AND eating lunch...I just want to please you"

I've said it tons of times.

But if I said it today,well, I just be flat out lying.

I used to be all, "Ooh Twitter! Why yes I can join in on 35 conversations, socialize with my friends and blog during my work day. No problem!
(note that my definition of multi-tasking is being able to work while simultaneously being crowned princess of every social media site on the internetz) I am superfrickin woman!

Then as I missed deadlines and made a mistake or two (or fourteen) reality came crashing down.

I, StaceyBecauseIMustBlog, can no longer keep up with every.little thing. And OMG that's making me crazy because *hugedeepsigh* I'm realizing I have to be all serious-like.

I blame aging and oh dear gawd could I be getting more responsible ? I think I actually want to put out a good work product reflective of the workplace badass I once was before the interwebs grabbed hold of my soul.

Sometimes, this getting old things really sucks. Soon my wine bottle will be replaced with geritol tonic and my dancing shoes will be replaced with orthopedic shoes and I'll start using phrases like "In my day..."


Pray for me y'all.


kkryno said...

I can totally relate!

I keep having those, "Why am I looking in the fridge for my tennis shoes?" moments. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's YOU. The WORLD is getting really, REALLY, REALLY, really, REALLY FASTER! So while you, with your year 2000, 2001 circa multi-tasking proficiency may well have been 'THE BOMB DOT COM' for your time. It's NOTHING when it comes to ALL that is available now. It's all just too much. But sure that there will be no orthopedic shoes OR Geritol tonic in your future for many a moon, young lady. ;)

(Shawn Richards 'THE WRITER!')

Stacey said...

@KKryno I know, right? Frustrating!

@ShawnRichards - You my friend are wise beyond your years ;)

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I'm there too. And, I'm just about to enter chemotherapy - so apparantely I will have 'chemo brain' to boot. Sweet.

Virtualsprite said...

I definitely hear that. I haven't blogged in ages, my desk is piled with so much stuff I couldn't use it for writing anyway and, well, let's just say my house is "lived in" - by wolves or some other filthy animal. And yet, when I try monotasking, I suck more at it than I do multitasking. Weird.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm feeling the same way lately, my dear. I'm totally overwhelmed yet totally unproductive lately. And the slow but steady of my brain's functioning isn't helping things one bit.


Pablo said...

Could it be -- and I'm just throwing this out there, because I think this is what's happened to me -- that you were never a good multi-tasker and that the only difference is now you realize it?