Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I should rename this blog: Because I'm good at venting.
The ranting. The bitching. The stuff I need a release for, well, this has been the receptacle for those emotions of late.

These last few months... have been challenging to say the least. In my son, we have seen some behaviors that as a good parent I'd be remiss if I didn't try and address.

Sorry for the lack of detail. I'm just not sure how much I want to say. Rest assured he's a generally happy healthy six year old little boy but as his mother I feel compelled to address these other "things".

That said, the point of this post is not to vent about my son. I love him so much it's indescribable and only want to do what's right for him.

No, the point of this is to vent about commentary made about my son.

When we received his report card his PE teacher basically had nothing nice to say. He simply gave him a grade and made comments that were, well, antagonistic at best.

And this was the first communication I've ever had with this man. If you can call it that.

I'm pissed frankly that he didn't reach out to me earlier to make me aware of the problems my son was having in his class but instead categorized him as a problem child in the brief paragraph he'd written.

I tried to understand that teacher's logic by making excuses for him.

He's the sole PE teacher for 300 plus kids and he only has a limited time to complete all these analysis, I tried to reason.

But the thing is, he's been a teacher for several years and he should know better. How can I try and change that which I'm unaware of.

And yes I know that report can be used as an opportunity to try to turn things around and I will. But frankly I take issue with his style... utter lack of communication.

It hurts me as a parent to know that a teacher wouldn't take the time to understand, much like we have, that perhaps something else is going on. It disturbs me that he wouldn't try and dig any further. At a minimum I expect a call or an email to discuss the situation. This is a team effort between the teachers my husband and I. I'm trying to do my part. Is it wrong to expect him to do his ?

And so we have our parent teacher conference tonight.
Rest assured. The school will know how I feel.


Crazed Mom said...

I so hate to say this but...I am soooooooooooooo happy my kids never ever have to go through that again. Until they have kids(10 years from now please).

Sorry about your introduction to teachers who should never teach and/or really bad teacher days they pass on to you....

HUGS Babe.

From down the freeway...Janice

Life As I Know It said...

Hope the conference went well.

Naarski (the Mrs.) said...

It would be so hard for me to hear from someone else that my child is a "problem."

WM said...

he didn't officially call him a "problem child" but the comments he left essentially said that.
I will be emailing said teacher soon to discuss. Once I can calm down and craft a "proper" email.

john cave osborne said...

we had a parent teacher conference on tuesday, too. and we had just the opposite experience. our 8yo has had some issues, but they deal with her eyesight (we figured out it's not the greatest) and sadly, her hearing, which we've found out is trending downward to the extent that there's legit cause for concern. (i about to come full circle to your post, hang in there).

so our parent/teacher conference? a continuation of a dialogue engaged by people who want to HELP our daughter. HELL, it was our ongoing dialogue that got us to recognize some of her problems to begin with.

my point? that PE guy sounds like a prick. he should be building your boy up, not breaking him down. it takes a village, and when he applied to be a PE teacher, he signed up to be part of countless villages, and he's not doing his part. i'd be pissed, too.

good post... -jco-

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I think teachers today (and even back in my day), expect younger kids to behave too much like adults. And everyone seems so dang "negative label-happy" either directly or indirectly. Kids are KIDS. Is your son allowed to really physically "burn-off" his high-energy in said PE class, or this class more the academic version of PE? Honestly, I don't think the kids of today get to have half as much fun as we did in gym class.
~ Renata1967

Anonymous said...

Stacey- was so good to meet you. You can repay me December 10th, I hope. Good luck with the school. Kids are kids! Love them and nurture them and hunt down criticism with a sharpened pitchfork.

Butrfly Garden said...

I hope you ripped him a new one, w.

The first two years of Nick's schooling this is what they did, labeled him as a bad kid and refused to include him in group activities because it was inviting problems. Worst of all, though, they weren't even telling us about it. So we couldn't do anything to fix it. He missed his first two years of school - spend them in the hallway or at the office - because people just wrote him off. If only they could see him now. :) Based on losing those two years, his condition and how hard he has to work, I'd say he's doing pretty damn good.

And you know what struck me most with this? That it was phy ed. Seems like that's the one place you could really get excited little boys to follow along.