Sunday, November 8, 2009

Swine flu vaccine inducing crazy and the house o'suck

I have been living in the house o'sick. Or the house o'suck as I've come to call it in the last week. When you have a husband laid up with a bad back and twins who give the Tasmanian devil a run for his money,let me tell you, it definitely rates high on the suckage meter.

This all began about one week ago, when hubby threw his back out. He has this thing, doctors have diagnosed as an "arthritic twinge" which is doctor speak for you may be doing the most basic thing and your back that you rely on to stand erect will say fuck you and give out.
Usually when this happens the hubby is out of commission for 2 days and then he's fine. But to hear him tell it, this pain was unlike the other times. It was to the point where he couldn't even get up to pee and I really did offer him a cup. His pride wouldn't allow him to do it but it did prompt a trip to the ER. So a bunch of drugs and a whole lot of cotton mouth later he was back home and unbeknownst to me would claim a place on our bed for the WHOLE week.
So that was that.

Except for mid week, when my daughter got a fever and begun throwing up. The little neighbor girl,whom my daughter adores and plays with frequently, had been diagnosed with swine flu recently so I just knew those evil piggies had invaded my little girl's innards. The thought that my daughter had gotten swine flu that particular day was messing with my head in the worst way because I'd intended to get her and her brother vaccinated that weekend after struggling with whether or not to actually get them vaccinated.

Fortunately, J, was back to normal the next day and since she'd been better for a full 24 hours I proceeded with the vaccination plan.

Vaccination day was rainy, windy AND bitterly cold and of course there was a line which could rival any Miley Cyrus concert ticket sales line. But I was determined not to leave regardless of how many times my children asked me to do so.

All I can say is thank goodness for the wonderful women that saved our place in line and allowed us to go defrost in our car for a bit. After a couple of hours and a level 5 freakout from my daughter about the needle, vaccinations were completed and we were able to resume our regularly scheduled day.

The regularly scheduled day was traveling 1 hour north to go pick up my 14 year old stepdaughter and then take her and the twins to see Disney on Ice.

All was well until the ride home when my son complained of a tummy ache and later threw up everywhere. Clean up was crazy because really who's prepared for having to clean up a ton of vomit while on the road. I wasn't but I'll tell you one thing. I will be from now on.

And in our hour long ride home there was ...2 more vomiting episodes. While my sane mind knew this was probably just the bug his sister had earlier in the week, my insane , worrywart mind told me that this was a reaction to the swine flu vaccine and that we were going to wind up in the emergency room again. For the second time that week.
And the thing was I couldn't talk my mind out of that crazy.

it's the next morning and while not completely out of the woods he hasn't thrown up in several hours. husband has. He woke up this morning and promptly threw up.

And I'm.

I'll be damned if the house of sick/suck will get me.


Cherann said...

I caught a stomach bug in September and thought it was great. 6 hours of grossness coming out of both ends but it left me 6 pounds lighter and I haven't gained it back! Nothing like an illness jump start on weight loss :)

Dumblond said...

That is so horrible.
We got slammed with colds. While that is better than the flu because of the lack of vomit, there was a point when no one in the house could breathe properly through their nose. And everyone snored at night!
I hope you all get better soon...well except for you. I hope you just never get it!

Debbie said...

Oh no! I hope you all are on the mend now. There is noting worse than a stomach illness.

Virtualsprite said...

That is major suckage. I hate cleaning up vomit in the car. Hope everyone gets better soon!

Angela said...

Hang in there. I have a theory that people are either poopers or throw-uppers. And when hubby gets the runs its horrible. But the rest of the family, we seem to be throw-uppers. Thinking healthy thoughts your way.

Ann(ie) said...

OH girl, I so feel your pain!! our daycare got swine and it's been a worldwind. xo. Take care of that sweet family of yours.