Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh...the guilt

Damn every one of you that has emailed or commented or anything to that effect about my lack of content.

Ok, not really. I love that you care and it does make me feel kinda warm and fuzzy inside but you must know it's a time issue not a content issue.

Believe me I fully intend to tell you about my 5 year old son's foot fetish, and the time when I thought I was funny and scared the bejesus out of my daughter to the point where she couldn't breathe (I know I'm a good mom). I might even tell you about how I had to sit by a guy on the bus that smelled like Shrimp Top Ramen. Or I could tell you about how I'm in the process of planning a Halloween party for 15 five year olds. Yes, I know I'm not sane.
Or I could tell you about...well you get the hint. I got lots to say. Just not the time to say it. But I will. In good time. I promise. I, for once, am choosing work over blogging. Kind of. Really work is making me choose it. Ahem, moving right along.

So you have something to gnaw on for a bit, I'm doing a 6 random facts meme that my bloggy friend who became my real life friend Mrs. Tantrum tagged me for.

You'll note that this blog has remained meme free for more then a year because I'm usually too lazy to do them or just plain don't want to because they might bore the shit out of my readers. But for quick content and an award. Here you go:

1)If you were to see me during the week at work you'd be appalled at my appearance. Lately I've taken to not wearing make-up. It's not because I don't like make-up. I love it and it loves me. It's because I'm lazy and I get up too early. Any other time, I'll slap on the warpaint so as not to scare anyone

2)I do not have an Ipod. I think I am the only living adult that does not possess one. I hope to change that this Chrismas (are you listening hubby ?)

3)I'm double jointed in both thumbs. This is not useful at all. But it's a random fact so there

4)Barring Canada, I have never traveled outside of the U.S. This is something I intend to change as soon as I win the lottery or a free trip.

5)H&M has finally made it's way to the Pacific Northwest and this will most certainly cause me to have to live in a cardboard box

6)I have Diet Coke pumped intravenously in to my blood stream. Ok, not really but I might as well for the ungodly amount I drink per day.

Now then...I'll take my award Mrs. T.

Thank you and you're welcome (for the stimulating blog content and not tagging anyone for this meme of course)



Biddy said...

meh i don't have an ipod either. ok, i have an MP3 player because it's much simpler and cheaper than an ipod...

Shana said...

No iPod?! Oh, my heart trembles at the very idea! I'm on my second nano and now I'm eyeing My Beloved's since he has his new iPhone and doesn't need his big ole' iPod...seriously, mine is like an appendage

I for one will not pressure you to post. I have never been good about being regular so I have no place. But I do get excited when I see you have had the time to post something new...even if it's only every now and again.

Virtualsprite said...

Double jointed in your thumbs? That's cool! But, yes... probably very useless.

Have fun with the Halloween party! You are a much stronger person than I am.

Alex Elliot said...

My husband was anti-iPod for a while. Soon as I got one though he was always borrowing it. He got his own this past spring and now he always seems to have it on particularly when I'm trying to tell him something. I'm assuming he's listening to music and not just ignoring me....

Elisa said...

Thank you for reminding me I have received 3 tags in the past 6 weeks or so and haven't posted them yet. Possibly because I don't like tags much and I was procrastinating, but also because as it often happens, procrastination turned into forgetting about it completely.

BTW, I have an iPod Mini that I no longer use if you want to try it out. It's pale pink and I loved it for 2 years before accepting the fact that its battery life had gotten too short and getting a Nano - a purple one, finally :-)