Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boobies, hooters, ta-tas,breasts

Ahem, now that I've hopefully gotten your attention: it doesn't matter what you call them. What matters most is that you get them checked. Regularly.

I'm sure we've all heard the statistics but they bear repeating: every three minutes a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer. Astounding figure isn't it ?
Approximately two years ago, one of those women was my mother. She was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in October of 2006. We were fortunate in that it was detected early enough.

And one year post treatment my mother is doing wonderfully.

That said, I can't stress enough how important it is to do whatever you can to maintain your breast health. Now I don't usually stand here atop this soapbox but this is something I feel rather passionately about.

I hope you'll stand on this soapbox with me for a bit and get the word out. Self exams and mammograms are key! And if you don't feel entirely comfortable getting the word out to friends and family Ellen to the rescue.

Ellen too is the child of a breast cancer survivor and she wants to help get the word out. She's teamed up with One-a-Day vitamins to record a wake-up-call to encourage women to get checked. Simply click here to send a personalized message to your loved ones from Ellen. The goal is to have one million calls sent by the end of October (Breast Cancer Awareness month). It's doable right ? Good.

So I've said my piece and will step down off the soapbox. But don't you forget what I've said.

Check you boobies! You'll be glad you did!


Virtualsprite said...

The newspaper I work for is running a month-long special section on breast cancer. I'm right there on the soapbox with you. It's treatable if caught early enough, but you have to do your checks! Every month!

Thank you for posting this.

D'sMommy said...

Keep standing on your soapbox and keep saying what you have to say. Many people, men and women, don't realize just how important it is to get checked not just for this but for anything and put it off or say it can't happen to them. And unless it literally affects you or your family you don't even think about it. I have no choice seeing as how just about every generation, going back a few on my mother's side of my family, has had Breast Cancer and there is one person on my father's side w/this dreaded Cancer. And recently Cancer in general has hit closer to home. Preach on and let's hope that people hear you, me, the news, newspapers, internet, etc. and get checked earlier so that should someone have it that they'll have a better chance at winning this battle...not just short-term but long-term.

The Doozie said...

it's a rubber booby

CDP said...

nice work, you. I'm glad your mom is OK

Elisa said...

Dude! You are going to get SO MANY pervy hits from this ;-)

Good post, though :-)

Melain said...

What age are we supposed to start doing this? I'm 31. Is it time, do you think?

Queen of the Mayhem said...

This is so important....thanks for spreading the word!

And I am SO GLAD your mother is doing well!

WM said...

Melain- Not until 40 unless you find a lump or in my case may have a genetic predisposition.

WM said...

I should have said 40 on the mammograms...self-exams now ;)

Mommy said...

Boops in our house! hee hee.

Good job on posting this and hugs to your mommy!