Monday, July 21, 2008

What saved my life this weekend

Saturday hubby was gone all day. He covered for a co-worker's vacation and then went out with a longtime friend he rarely gets to see. That left me with the twins all day and all night. By myself.
Normally hangin' with the kiddos solo is not a big deal. Except the prior night my saint of a mother offered to keep the kids overnight. Which of course left only one thing for hubby and I to do. And that was to PAR-TAY!

Needless to say I was quite tired when Saturday night finally rolled around . I put the twins to bed and breathed a sigh of relief as I sank down on the couch. No sooner had I managed to get comfortable when I heard little footsteps .

"Who is it?" I called
"Me" my daughter J answered
"and you would be out of bed why?" I asked

Now I'll spare you all the back and forth but just know it took me another 15 minutes to get her back upstairs. She came up with the oldies but goodies such as "I'm thirsty and I'm hungry" and she even busted out with this new little gem "but I forgot how to fall asleep by myself'
until I wanted to rip all my freakin' hair out.

Then I remembered it. The Billy Brown Audio CD we'd been sent . Remember this post ? The one in which I (half in jest) said I could care less about national tv turnoff week. Well shortly thereafter the "Top Kid" at Giddio contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in trying out the Billy Brown audio adventures as an alternative to tv.

And let me tell you Billy Brown saved my life this weekend. Or really it was my daughters life that was saved because I was reaching that point.

Seriously though, the Billy Brown (a talking bear) adventures are fantastic for the 3-7 year old set.
They are unlike your typical monotone books on CD in that each adventure is acted out by professional voice actors . My daughter J totally digs them. And if the stamp of approval from my 5 year old isn't enough you can check it out for yourself via free download .

So there you have it, we survived the weekend virtually unscathed and I accomplished this review which has taken me forever and a day to do.

Yep, feeling pretty good about me right about now.


Mike said...

My wife and I have definetely had a day or two where we took care of the kid hung-over. Not something we will repeat. Or at least we won't plan on it!

Groovy Mom said...

Oh, I had one of those kind of nights last night with my littlest. I finally said, "If I have to tuck you into bed one more time you get no cookies tomorrow." I was cringing when I said it because if I'd had to follow through on that threat it would have been a day of whining and crying and begging and nagging. Ugh. Thankfully she stayed in bed after that. I'll definitely check into Billy Brown!

doozie said...

my kid goes to bed in order to avoid death

CDP said...

My 3yo has several predictable "pop-outs" per night:
1. Has to go to the bathroom
2. Announcement that his brother has fallen asleep (they share a room)
3. Has to go to the bathroom again
4. Random announcement about something
This is the point at which we tell him to get back in bed and we don't want to see his sweet face again until morning!

Suzie said...

I like the excuse I need you to stay with me. It makes me nuts. Sort of sweet but hell child GO TO SLEEP!

I love Doozie's reasoning

Not Afraid to Use It said...

What kills me is that one of my daughter's favorite excuses is that she gets up because she wants to give me a hug. How can I say no to that?

MichaƩle said...

When my kids were tiny (2, 4 and 6) they all shared a room when we were remodeling the other part of the house. One night, they would just NOT go to sleep. "Mommy!" this and "Mommy" that. I marched my lily-white fanny in their room and announced that the day was over, I was no longer responding to "Mommy" and they would just have to go to sleep. As I marched myself out of their, my little 4 year old calls to me in her tiny voice "Michaele!"

Gemini Girl said...

I know- I couldnt go to CA either for blogher! But, they are thinking of doing it on the east coast next yr- I'm so there!