Friday, July 25, 2008

I've loved her from afar now I can love her up close

There are a few bloggers that frankly I would just slobber all over myself if I got to meet.

Whiskeymarie is one of those bloggers.

I'm pretty sure she's funnier then sliced bread. Wait,how does that saying go ?

Well just know that she is the cleverest kind of funny that ever existed , she's totally cute, loves her some wine (we'll get along famously) and she has a way with food that will most likely make her the Next Food Network star.

So yes to say I'm a little excited to meet her tomorrow would be putting it mildly.
If I'm not back on Monday don't send help. I'm probably somewhere very hungover, yet very happy.

Happy weekends my friends, happy weekends.

*Note to WhiskeyMarie- I accept payment in the form of cash or drinks for all the gushing I did over you in this post.


MichaƩle said...

Pictures and full narrative of the meeting expected on Monday, s'il vous plait.

Ann(ie) said...

I left her a comment. Have a BLAST and kindly call me if it's so much fun that I have to come crash the partay. xo. ;)

Whiskeymarie said...

Holy crap I'm excited (so excited that I'm typing this on a gooy computry thingy in the Seattle Airport- can you feel it? I'm in town, baby!!!).
I promise you won't end up in jail, and according to our agreement I now owe you 2 dollars, an incontinent puppy, and a cocktail.
Gotta go- see you TOMORROW toots!

Mike said...

Meeting other bloggers is definetely makes reading other people's blogs more enjoyable. Have fun!

CDP said...

DID you end up in jail?

Butrfly Garden said...


Whiskeymarie said...

I love reading the comment I left the other day all hopped up on Ativan and airplane wine.
I am awesome.