Monday, October 8, 2007

Why my mama told me never to run in the house

Because being the illustration for kids everywhere on why not to put things in your mouth that you're not supposed to just wasn't enough...gather 'round, kiddies, because I'm about to tell you why you shouldn't run in the house.
I should have been enjoying an anniversary breakfast in bed, Saturday morning, instead I was trying to maintain my composure while my little man's two front teeth were pulled.
A head on collision with his sister Wednesday, which at the time seemed to result in nothing more than a lot of tears and a fat lip in reality, had destroyed his top front right tooth and loosened the top front left tooth.
When my mom called me at work to let me know B & J had collided I thought I'd asked all the necessary questions...but for some reason I just didn't think about his teeth actually becoming loose. Friday evening the tooth became discolored. Consulting Dr. Google gave me some hope the tooth might be able to be saved but the realistic part of me told me that I was likely only zoning in on the optimistic stories ....because I didn't want to face reality.
Bright and early Saturday I was on the phone with a new dentist (his normal dentist wasn't open. Hell, they didn't even respond to my panicked message left on Friday after hours). The staff was wonderful and were able to squeeze us in on short notice. This place was rather cool, it had a fridge stocked with beverages, a seperate waiting area for children complete with books and video games, each "patient" station has a dvd player and head phones so one can be pleasantly distracted before the horror begins (can you tell I'm not normally a fan of dentist office visits...).
So B, got to watch Tom & Jerry while sitting on his Daddy's lap just before they numbed his gums with a topical gel and proceeded to pull his teeth. Me...I tried my hardest not to cry and tried to joke with the staff about the crazy parents they must get in there.
But as soon as my baby started to cry and I saw the blood, I became one of those parents. I couldn't pick him up fast enough to console him and even though the dentist said she needed to put some ointment on his gums I demanded she do it while I was holding him and hugging him to me.

It was more traumatic for me then for him. It still is. I just can't stop feeling guilty and sad for him. Yes I know his permanent teeth will grow in in two years and 4 years down the road we'll say "remember when..." and laugh.

In the end, he's still got a darling smile, he raked in a ton of guilt presents ( you know the stuff you buy your kid to make them happy when you feel bad...uh yeah...don't judge)and "four green dollars" as he says it from the tooth fairy. So he's more than fine...that I'm sure.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he was plotting with his sister ( who also got Island Princess Barbie out of the deal) now to knock out some more teeth. *sigh*


Butrfly Garden said...

That poor little boy! Oh, I mean that Poor Worker Mommy!!!!!

So sorry to hear you had to go through that!!

Yeah, his teeth will come back and he'll be fine. Glad you're keeping that in mind. But you have every right to get upset when your babe is hurt.

But now you can tease him about "All I want for Chrithmath ith my two front teeth!" hahahaha.

Virtualsprite said...

Oh, sweetie! How horrible. I can't even imagine the horror. Glad to hear he came out of it okay. You, too.

Don't feel bad about the guilt presents... I do them, too. You should see what the Ubergoober raked in after he got his stitches.

CDP said...

Same here; when our older boy needed stitches at 3, we got him through the ordeal by promising him that we'd go to Target right after the hospital to pick out a present. Heck, if one of my teeth ever gets knocked out, someone better buy me a present. Glad he's OK.

Maureen said...

Oh, poor little guy...but just be glad those were his baby teeth. My girl in Grade 4 knocked out her two front NEWLY PERMANENT teeth on the monkey bars. She is 16 now and still is getting work done on them.

You certainly were stronger than I was; I fainted at the dentist's office when they were patching her up.

Anonymous said...

Poor little buddy. Poor mommy. I don't know who I feel worse for!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Well.....isn't that just something!

I fear I may have a somewhat similar problem....The Princess got a GIGANTIC shiner almost a month ago...she rammed heads with a little girl while they were dance wrestling (YEs....there is such a thing!) The shiner is long gone...but she is still complaining of it hurting.

X-ray anyone?

Lollie said...

Oooh - sorry to all! I have a horrible fear of falling and knocking out teeth...maybe because I've watched both my older brother and my Grandma do it. *guh*

Anonymous said...

well hot damn, the tooth fairy come early at your house!!

Whiskeymarie said...

Just think of the cute way he'll whistle when he says the letter "s" now, or how words like "tooth" will sound like "toof" to make yourself feel a little better.

Does that help? At all?

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

i'm so glad for you that the teeth weren't permanent ones. my daughter started losing her tooth at 3 and at 4 was already growing permanent ones in front!

that being said, i can't imagine watching him get them pulled...and seeing the blood and watching him cry. i too would have knocked them out of the way to get to my baby!

MommasWorld said...

Oh MY! Nothing wounds a mother like a hurt child. At least he got his emergency story early in life and it wasn�t a huge catastrophe. ManSon was 3 had to have stitches in his forehead. I nearly passed out, he was more than fine. We did laugh about it later as you will. ManSon had a lightning bolt on his forehead long before Harry Potter came along. (16 yrs ago)

Adopt me. I want a brand new Barbie, money and loads of guilt gifts too! :-)

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Poor guy! I'm glad that it was a positive (as positive as having two teeth pulled can be) at this dentist.

Happy anniversary anyway. Better luck next year with the breakfast in bed.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Oh poor fella! And mama too!

moosh in indy. said...

I would have been BAWLING all while planning what bazillion of toys and cookies to buy.

andi said...

Dr. Google gave you hope? He just makes me paranoid.

melody is slurping life said...

Did you buy him a pony? Surely he got a pony out of this deal. :)

Hugs and remember he is fine, you suffered.

Cherann said...

He'll have new teeth in a couple years. Although...I guess he won't be able to take a bite into things for a while

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

I'm so sorry. That's so awful. I feel for you. And him. Hugs.

Just making it up said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and just have to comment on the teeth thing. Firstly, I've also had to watch as a dentist yanked misbehaving teeth out of my kid's mouth (my daughter, in my case, and at least it was because she had shark teeth (the adult ones were in and waiting behind the lazy babies), so I sympathize with you.

But. You are so lucky that the side bonus is two years of your kid without his front teeth. I swear, they are never cuter than when both top ones come out at once. It happened to my boy (on schedule) and I think I took 1000 pictures, he was so freaking cute. In fact, I was even moaning about the trip to Israel my hubby was taking me on for my 40th birthday because I'd miss a whole week of my son being so cute. I made my daughter promise to take at least one picture of him a day.

I realize I might be a bit, um, over the top compared to most, but you still are lucky that this accident has just caused him to be uber-adorable.