Monday, June 20, 2011

Yeehaw, Summer (and Camping!) here we come!

I told you all last year how much I look forward to summer and the freedom from homework. And fortunately, that time my friends, is upon us again.

I must tell you, I feel like dancing. So what's on tap for my family you might ask? Paris, Rome, Greece - you know your typical whirlwind trip around the world wining and dining it at 4 star restaurants of course.

Alright so maaaybe not...

But the fam and I do have a few trips planned. Camping in Cali in just a few weeks for the hubs' family reunion and while to some that may sound all "meh", I have the bestest,craziest, funnest in laws ever that are deservering of made up words to describe their funocity. So there.

And more camping! Yay! I mean who doesn't love camping? Enjoying nature,swimming, hiking, relaxing, cooking over a campfire and telling scary stories. Not to mention -when you have a family of up to 6 at times the expense makes perfect sense.

Y'all care to join me? This month is national Go Camping month and the folks at Go Camping America want you to do just that. To help you do so, they've introduced their 'Get Outdoors & Go Camping America..It's Easy! promotion.

Go here for great discounts including 20% off stays at any of their parks (nationwide),discounts for Camping World, Coleman Products and El Monte RVs! Hurry as these discounts are only good through 6/25.

And lastly, they've teamed up with the kids movie, Judy Moody to sponsor the 'Not Bummer Summer Go Camping America Video Contest'. They're encouraging families who take advantage of the discounted camping to capture their experience on film for a chance to win a grand prize RV camping vacation getaway! For more info on that portion of the campaign click here

And hey,meet me at the campfire. I'm told I make a mean s'more.

*Disclosure-My family receives a trip at one of the above parks in consideration of the above promotion


Gilsner said...

Take me with you!!!!!

Virtualsprite said...

I have never been camping, but everyone I know camps and they have so much fun. I may have to try it one of these days.