Monday, August 4, 2008

The P.I.M.P

At the request of a friend, I'd allowed the twins to be part of a photo shoot for an upcoming campaign at the local university. When we first arrived the kids decided they didn't want any part of it, but after some bribing convincing they were in their sports gear and ready to go.

The photographer had a variety of shots she wanted to take of the 8 different children. As you can imagine it was quite chaotic at times. At one point while I was helping my daughter J, I noticed my son B had disappeared. I called to hubby to stay with J while I went to go find B. As it turns out, he was across the hall in a room with some of the student workers in the photography lab. Girl students.

I walked in and announced that he needed to come back in to the other room and stay with us. "In a minute mom. I'm just talking to my ladies" , he said

"Oh, I see" I said barely stifling laughter. "Well your,uh, friends are trying to work and we should probably not be disturbing them".

He left with me but both hubby and I had to pull him from that room many a time.

Later, when B was in a shoot in which he was flanked by two older girls dressed as cheerleaders the instant the camera stopped flashing he looked at each girl and said. "I like pretty girls".

Hubby and I just looked at each other. Everyone else laughed

When finally all the pictures had been taken and the kids were sufficiently worn out we got ready to go. As we headed toward the door, my son B turned around quickly and started to run.

"B, where are you going?" we both called out to him.

"I forgot to say goodbye to my ladies" he said.

Yep, that's my son. Mad pimp that he is at the ripe old age of 5


Whiskeymarie said...

Well, he is quite a looker, that one. The ladies are going to be all over him- you might as well get used to it now, my dear.
(And now I know where he gets his devastating good looks from)

Biddy said...

heheheheheheeeeeeee i love it!

CDP said...

"my ladies". Oh my. That is hilarious.

Brillig said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, it's SUPER CUTE right now. But in ten years? That might get really troublesome. Hahahaha. So funny.

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Can you imagine if he and Bacon got together? It would be the ULTIMATE PIMP showdown.

HOLY SHIT! I just realized that we could TOTALLY TELEVISE THAT on PAY-PER-VIEW and make a mint! you could quit your job, stay home like me, move to my neighborhood, we could drink all the time - oh, I mean have really nice and calm playdates - BRING IT SISTAH!

Southern Fried Mom said...

Now I have Barry White singing in my head for some reason!

The Laundress said...

Go boy.

Elisa said...

OMG, that's hilarious! "My ladies", huh? He's turning into a Casanova already!

MommasWorld said...

Oh my you are going to have your hands full!

Shana said...

"my ladies"?! Yeah, that's cute now at 5. Might not be so cute when he is a teenager...
What did his "ladies" think when he called them that? I would have been busting a gut!
And where did he even hear that phrase?
Too funny.

Butrfly Garden said...