Sunday, June 29, 2008

Presenting the Mother of all Online Showers:Hosted by the two WMs

The lovely Lollie (who I hope doesn't kill me for posting this particular picture ) is expecting her first little wee-nut August 7th!

As much as we wanted to hop on the first plane headed to sunny Fl to celebrate with her in person,sadly, that wasn’t to be.

So we,the two WMs: Worker Mommy & WhiskeyMarie are throwing her one helluva of a cyber shower and you’re all invited!

We’ve got presents from some terrific sponsors and games so grab a drink,sit back, relax and we’ll tell you how you can join in the festivities and possibly take home some goodies of your own.

The Gifts
Happy Panda Baby,whom we love and you will too, graciously offered to sponsor this shindig and will be sending their super hip "Flawless" sleep set for the baby to be - because we know that any baby of Lollie’s will be just that - flawless.

The folks at Belli Skin Care, who make the most divine natural and safe products have offered up some amazing items for mom (to die for body firming serum ,eye brightening cream and other such goodies) and baby like their baby gift set

and finally

What’s a party with out cake? Mommysbabycakes is donating the fabulous three tiered diaper cake and matching diaper bassinet pictured here for mom and baby.

The cool thing about this cake is that all items are 100 % reusable and this cake will not make you gain extra lbs! Mommy's new online but she's got the cutest stuff and incredibly reasonable prices!

And you …just how do you fit in? Well, we want you to share the love.

The Games:
Create a post in honor of Lollie and her baby using the following 20 words : nursery, diaper, bottle, onesie, crib, stroller, binky, booties, blankie, baby powder, magician , practical , fedora, cinema, petunia, bison, airplane , organic , computerized, gesture.

Easy right? Now go forth and create.

And please be sure to come back here and sign Mr. Linky once you’ve posted your masterpiece. You have until July 11th at which time WM, Lollie and I will select 2 winners to receive their choice of a $25 Visa Gift Card or I-Tunes Gift Card.

Ooh and if you want a chance to win a $15 I-Tunes Card:

Lollie’s due date is 8/7 but we all know babies typically come when they want to. In true baby shower game style, leave a comment guessing the gender, the birthdate and the weight(if it helps any Lollie was 8lbs 4oz and her guy was 5lbs 6oz). The closest guess wins (but don’t expect to see this particular prize until August)

Congratulations Lollie, we heart you so !

and to all the rest of y’all “game on!”

Your hosts,
The WMs


MichaƩle said...

Now you've got MY biological clock ticking again! Fabulous!

Lollie said...

Seriously! You guys are too awesome. I'm really floored. Thanks so much! I can't wait to pick a winner.

Like I said on the other WM's blog...I can't believe I've been Virtually Showered! And it's a good thing too, 'cause I didn't actually shower this morning...!

Stacey Moore said...

congrat to lollie!
my guesses:
gender ~ boy
birthdate ~ 8/9
weight ~ 7lb 6 oz

Mommy said...

As I was packing up the bottle’s and binky’s my sweet petunia no longer requires I stumbled upon the most practical computerized gesture I have ever seen. -- This baby powder magician, aka Worker Mommy, is helping setup the nursery of the crib and stroller-shopping Lollie. Worker Mommy and the fedora-wearing Whiskey Marie are saddling up the virtual bison because there was no time to hop on an airplane and bring the organic blankie’s and onsie’s to Lollie in Florida.

While sweet Lollie won’t be attending the cinema for any of the fun chick-flick’s after this cute little bundle arrives, we will be toasting her with booties of champagne (or was that rhubarb-tini’s?) – “Hold onto your diapers babies! This cutie was worth the wait!”

My guess is 8/8, 7lb and 8oz.

Thanks for the fun!

Butrfly Garden said...

Hi! Remember me?

So, I'll throw a guess out there:
Boy, 8 lb 4 oz, coming August 6th.

Just because I'm an attention whore and this is baby-related I will use this space to say: My SIL had her baby!!! He's incredibly adorable. Like his brother, decided that he was too good for deadlines but unlike his brother made the hospital induce mommy. (Other nephew came the day before induction.) They told her he was going to be a nine pounder but he came out a nice 7 lb. 10 oz.

I'm very excited about all-things-baby at the moment. Unless it involves my uterus. Then people need to shut the eff up. ;)

Lollie said...

Oh Guys!!! The Panda Baby and Belli Skin Care loot came yesterday and I LURVE IT ALL!

The onsie with the wings is justy too cute, but if it is possible, the hat is even cuter! It had a long tail off the top of the head and I can't wait to see it on the babens' noggin.

Haven't tried the skin stuff yet, but I have to tell you, it is beautifully packaged...stunning really.

Thanks so much, you are two are the most.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

FUN, FUN, FUN! Almost makes me want to have another one...ALMOST!

Timster said...

my guesses:
gender ~ boy
birthdate ~ 8/9
weight ~ 7lb 6 oz

Ann(ie) said...

Alright. This is a rockin virtual shower. The Queen and I did one (remember that girlie????) and we did not score all the loot and we had like 6 visitors. You two clearly know what you're doing!!! AND Congrats Lollie. :)

Here's my guess:
7lb 8oz

Amy said...

Congrats lollie! soon you will be surrounded by onsies, baby bottles, binkies, and organic blakies. So, run out and do fun girly things before the baby comes!(maybe to the cinema and see SATC if you already haven't done so!)--that way you won't have to lug a stroller with you! Before you know it, the smell of baby powder will be in the air!

After reading your post about the cute baby shower,I gestured to my hubby to see this computerized version of baby fever that has caused ovaries to explode with cuteness. i walked into room that may one day become a nursery, creating practical ways i can use this room until we create our own baby petunia.(hopefully in a few months!) I don't want a room full of bison, or a wall with airplanes on it, or even a magician wearing a fedora. The room will already be filled with diapers, and a crib. Where will there be room for a baby?

Wendy said...

I'm so excited for Lollie! This is a wonderful time in life, and we can only imagine it all began with one romantic date. Maybe they went to the cinema and shared a bottle of chianti later. Maybe they watched airplanes land or bison trot as the sun went down. Maybe he wore a fedora and kissed like a magician. Or maybe he gave her a handful of petunias and a smile. Next thing we know, she's buying onesies, booties, blankies and baby powder, setting up a crib in a nursery and pushing a stroller.

It's all good, natural, even organic to life. Nothing computerized or fake about it. So enjoy this time of anticipation, be practical, and save the rude gestures for later, when that magician can't make poopy diapers disappear! Then you'll need the binky!

Alex Elliot said...

How fun! Almost makes me want to have another baby...almost but not quite!

donna444444 said...

This is my guess: girl, weight 6-15, born on 7/31.

Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy


My posting:

My best friend being the practical girl she is, computerized a list of items I'd need for the nursery as if she was a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I will say it was a nice gesture but I noticed she only wrote things in singles not in plurals, except for the booties. She had one of each listed as follows: bottle, binky, blankie, organic onesie and baby powder. Looked more to me like a list for the diaper bag. I asked where was the crib or even the stroller? She tilted her fedora adorned with a petunia to the side and said that the airplane ride was quite tiring and she
wasn't thinking straight. She glanced at the clock and said the cinema was to start at eight and if we were to see "Saving the Bison" we'd better get going and leave all the thinking to a later date.

My guesses: Gender: Girl
Weight: 7lbs 2 oz
Birthdate: 8/2

MadWoman said...

I already added myself to the Mr Linky for the word game, but here's my guesses for the other stuff....

Gender - Girl

Weight - 8lbs 4ozs

Date - August 8th

emily n. said...

gender ~ girl
birthdate ~ 8/6
weight ~ 8lb

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